Marriage Markers


Are you on the road to forever or temporary?

A free video lesson and assessment that will help you clearly identify where your marriage is headed so you can take control of your future today.

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Dissatisfied? Disappointed? Discouraged?

Your marriage isn’t turning out the way you envisioned it would. And you don’t know why exactly; it’s difficult to explain, especially to your husband.

But guess what? It may not be as complicated as you think. Did you know there is a predictable pattern to the demise or the success of a marriage?

Knowing the pattern will help you trace where you’ve come from and see where you’re headed. Best of all, this simple knowledge will give you the power to redirect your marriage and accelerate it towards the future you envisioned from the start.

A simple, clear roadmap to help you predict, and redirect, your marriage’s future.

Identify where your marriage is at and where it’s going (before it’s too late.)

Discover the hidden stuff that over time has brought you to where you are today.
Learn to stop the gradual decline of your marriage and reverse the trend.
Accelerate your progress towards the unity you crave with your husband!

How does Marriage Markers Work?

While the details are unique, every marriage is either rising or falling along a spectrum of predictable stages or markers. Where are you right now? And what direction are you headed? You may be surprised at the answer. Here’s how to find out:

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2. Watch the video

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3. Assess your marriage

Follow Ramona’s instructions to help you assess exactly where you are and how to start moving upward again.
I have renewed hope about my marriage instead of having a daunting feeling of hitting one more year wondering how many more years I am going to waste as we approach our anniversary.


Ramona is inspiring! The information she offers is so simple & clear, yet it offered new ideas I had never heard before. It is a treasure that this webinar is free because it is absolutely priceless!!


Wow, I had many ‘aha’s’ in this presentation. Thank you so much for posting this. My marriage is going through a rough patch and I now understand what my part is in it.


Ramona Zabriskie


Marriage Markers is the culmination of Ramona Zabriskie’s 20 years of experience as a sought-out marriage educator to women. Her goal is to teach women how to intelligently live their dreams and love their marriage. Through her 5-time award-winning book, Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, and transformative online community, Wife for Life University, Ramona has done this for thousands of women worldwide. Get on the path to creating a powerful partnership with your husband by signing up for Ramona Zabriskie’s Marriage Markers today.